I didn’t write anything down yesterday. I’m so tired right now that it’s not easy to express how I feel. Challenge One – Get some answers I don’t feel it’s appropriate to air every detail, nor do I wish too. I asked the hard questions and I believe I got truthful answers. My mind was […]

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Face it.

Wednesday, 27th September 8.00am – Mornings are the worst. I can’t sleep in. I wake up feeling sick, within an hour of being awake I am sick. It’s becoming routine, wake up, drink water, throw up water. I have the shakes all morning, I feel horrid all the time and I have no idea how to […]

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Let it out.

Sunday night was the last night I would ever spend in our home. My home. My best friend Kay had been with me every moment, holding me up or just holding me when I needed to cry and scream. We had made plans the previous week to go to Alton Towers to help cheer me […]

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Living Alone – Week 2

This has been one of the toughest weeks I have had in.. forever! But I don’t want to talk about the negative aspects. I am having a difficult time at the moment however I am not alone. My Friends and family are the most amazing people, so are the ladies I work with. Everyone has […]

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Living Alone – Week 1

As most of you know, Deakon is working away for a few weeks (BUT back for the weekend), so this is the first taste I have had of living on my own.Β  Before he left I was super excited, freedom to do what I want when I want, only myself to clean up after and […]

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Painting Perfect @ Fargo Village

This Wednesday, 6th September 2017, Nancy and I joined a group of around 20 at Fargo Village Coventry to attend our first painting class with Jon, owner of Painting Perfect. We first met Jon at the ‘Far-boot’ earlier this year. We were drawn to his colourful, creative and abstract paintings and were so excited when […]

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