Calling Coventry Bloggers! 🌷👌🏻

This month has been incredible.

I don’t know where to start!

Perhaps the rising of Coventry Bloggers? So, if you haven’t heard two lovely girlies Emily of Drained Beauty and Amy of Writhing into the Ether have decided it’s time for all of Cov’s bloggers to get in touch, support and collaborate with each other.

So far, we have been invited to Samoan Joe’s where we have tried and tested nearly all of the delicious drinks they have to offer. It’s not the place I’d normally venture to as I’m more of a pub lover however I was pleasantly surprised! We have had two fantastic nights here and I’ve been back of my own accord too.

Granted it’s not everyone’s scene but if you enjoy a decent cocktail and a show stop by to grab a drink.

We were also lucky enough to be chosen to promote Debenhams Let’s Take Beauty event. It’s happening on June 7th people so if you haven’t already got a ticket swing by the store to grab yours now!

Lastly, (On the blogger front) the girls hosted their very own bloggers shindig. (Follow the group on Instagram @coventrybloggers)!

The evening involved socialising, drinking some fizz, glitter, nails and of course taking lots of photos! It gave us all a chance to meet and discuss what our goals are. We all differ, not just in looks and personality but in what we write about and what we have to offer. If you’re from Coventry or the surrounding areas and wish to get involved let them know by joining us on Facebook!

I would like to thank them both for introducing us all, I’ve met some wonderful people and I hope the fun has only just begun. 🤞🏻

I’ll be posting more about the madness of May over the week! It’s about time I shared some of the exciting things I’ve been up to and not just the lows.

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