7 months on..

It’s been 7 months and I still can’t bring myself to read my old posts. I’ve tried a few times but a few sentences in and I feel sick.

It’s funny how you can be so perfectly happy with where you are in life, who you are surrounded by and yet looking back feels like ripping open a freshly healed scar.

I’ve decided not to look back. It doesn’t help me achieve anything and my future is far more appealing than my history.

I feel as if everything that happened 7 months ago was just part of a horrid nightmare which has finally come to an end. I think back occasionally and wonder who that girl was.

I’ve moved on with my life and I never dreamed it would feel this good.

So a quick message to those who are suffering, who feel as if the world is not worth facing, those who feel others lives would be better if they were gone, IT’S NOT TRUE.

Lots of Love,

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