Crazy Cologne


If you don’t know by now, I am in love with Cologne. It’s easily my favourite place that I’ve been to so far. I visit as often as I can and thanks to my amazing family,Β  Ju & Liz, who let me stay with them or like this time let me stay whilst they’re away, it’s possible!

My friend Kay and I flew out on Saturday 10th of Feb to go and check out KΓΆln karneval. Unfortunatly our fancy dress didn’t arrive in time but we had a few back up ideas.

Being typically British the first thing we did when we arrived was order far too much Mcdonalds :’) We were taken aback by the amount of fancy dress costumes and how much effort people had put into them. Everyone looked amazing!

Saturday and Sunday – We spent most of the weekend sleeping, drinking and meeting new people! We didn’t do much on the Saturday but Sunday evening we drank (alot) and headed out to dance.

Monday – We headed out to see as much of the Karneval as we could. I took Kay to one of my favourite pubs to try Kolsch.

We then met up with two lovely girls we’d med the evening before and headed out for dinner and drinks. We ended the night with a kebab and some currywurst ready to hit the spa the next day.

Tuesday – Spa Day! So for those of you who aren’t aware most spa’s in Germany are nudist spas. I’ve been to a few now and it’s an insane experince but I love it. Just like everyone I have many body hand ups but I admire the way the German’s don’t ‘bat an eyelid’. It’s perfectly natural. Kay felt a little uncomfortable and it does take some getting used too but it was a lovely relaxing day! That was until we left the spa and had to gatecrash the carnival to cross the street! In the evening I took Kay to one of my favourite places to eat in Aldstat. I had the best bit of steak ever!!!

Wednesday – Home time 😦 Kay wanted to see more of the shopping streets so we packed everything ready to go and headed into town. We popped to a few shops and stopped to get some currywurst and chips. It was absolutely freezing but I refused to leave before having currywurst from my favourite place! We stuffed our faces and before we knew it had to head to the airport.

I didn’t want to come home this time that’s for sure! I really hope I’m able to go again next year. I’ve already started planning the fancy dress and looking at dates! I only wish I’d have done and seen more whilst I was there. Thank you Ju & Liz for letting us stay!


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