Hello Sunshine

It’s amazing how a little bit of sun can make you feel so much brighter. It may still be cold outside but as soon as the sun is out so am I!

I’m so excited for the year ahead. I have so many plans including Download Festival, Slam Dunk, Holidays, BBQs, New tattoos, nights out and many a road trip!

Don’t get me wrong I’m terrified of the road ahead as much as I am stimulated. It’s going to be one hell of an adventure that’s for sure but with all the amazing people in my life I know everything is going to be just fine.

Whilst writing this I am sat in the sunshine on my Grandads front door step. My parents and my brother are clearing the Garden and I’m on tea and coffee duty. My brother is cracking the worst jokes I’ve ever heard 😂 This must be difficult for Dad, I’m so proud of how strong he is.

I’m looking at my life right now and I am so grateful for everything and everyone. Rather than the dull ache in my chest I feel a spark so hot it might ignite.

Wish you all a great day! Remember to smile! 😁

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