Home again.

I never imagined I’d be moving back home. It’s ironic because I was forever telling my brother and my friends not to leave home and to stay as long as they can. I wrote a blog post about it earlier this year! Don’t leave home 

It’s funny how things work out because now all of the opportunities I was scared I had missed out on are now possible! I’m not ready to face the future just yet but I’m building myself back up everyday. I’ve started making plans and giving some thought to what I would like to do first!


I’m finally unpacked and after a month of sleeping on an air bed or floor or sofa I have a new bed, new bedding and have started sleeping better! The medication that I’ve been on for 6 weeks or so has really knocked me about. I’ve slept more over the last few weeks than I thought possible, I’ve had no control over when I sleep or for how long. Now that I have slightly more routine and am starting to brighten up a little I’ve decided to stop taking the new meds and stick with the ones I know. For anyone who is curious I am on and sticking with Sertraline.


Sorting out my things has not been all bad, I’ve found some hidden gems and we had a bonfire with all the scrap cardboard. I even threw on a handbag or two! I got rid of over half my clothes, shoes and makeup too! It’s safe to say I have NEVER had such a good clear out! (It was very needed!)

I’ve treated myself to some new books to get lost in, danced all night with the girls and I’ve finally started to enjoy food again! I’ve managed to maintain the weight loss and whilst I’d still love to lose a little more I’m going to take it easy and munch away! :’)

Back in June I wrote a list of mostly achievable things I’d like to do. (Adventure Wanted) 

I’ve almost completed the list! Most recently my family and I went to Plantasia ! One of my things to do was a Maze so that’s what we did! It was a beautiful sunny day and is the perfect place to go and have a wonder!


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