It’s time for an adventure. A positive creation, something to help not only myself but everyone! Every day is a battle for me and my biggest two fights are my anxiety and my body confidence.

Social media is distorting the minds of all generations as to how our lives should be, how we should look, think and feel. I see my 13 year old sister set unrealistic standards for how she should look and I have no idea how to help her understand that the expectations she has set are simply a fantasy. This applies to so many of you, all ages, shapes, heights, sizes. It’s time we act on this. Even if we only change the lives of one or two people, it will be worth it.

Myself and Rebecca Suree  have decided to collaborate on a mini series to promote real life women, realistic expectations, good mental health and to help others understand anxiety.

We are calling out to you! All of you! We wish to gather a group of 20 or more ladies, ranging from ages 11+ to share your stories, anxieties, fears, what you love most about yourself, your dislikes, expectations and to help each other with our inner demons.


We are going to set a date and invite as many of you lovely ladies as possible to come and join us for a coffee or pop to discuss opinions, ideas and perhaps take a few snaps.

If your interested please let me know! Don’t be too afraid to get in touch, I need you! Together we can do so much more.

Email: thelastpaigever@gmail.com

Facebook: Paige Josephiney (Thelastpaige)

Instagram: paigejosephiney



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