I didn’t write anything down yesterday. I’m so tired right now that it’s not easy to express how I feel.


Challenge One – Get some answers

I don’t feel it’s appropriate to air every detail, nor do I wish too. I asked the hard questions and I believe I got truthful answers. My mind was able to rest easy for a while.

Perhaps I’ll share more with you at a later date but for now that’s enough.

Challenge Two – Eat Something!

I weighed myself yesterday mid-morning and I was 12stone 3lbs meaning I’ve shifted just over a stone. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m thrilled. However when my mind was able to settle so did my tum. I thought my knees were about to buckle and that I would hit the floor. I’m not skinny and have the weight to lose but the toll it takes on your body is insane. After not being able to keep even a biscuit down after 6 days my body was certainly not happy. It was time to eat.

I spent the day with my mum and Grandad. We did some shopping and Grandad made sure I brought some food. I picked out jam tarts, a mug shot, chicken wrap, dairy-lea dunkers and some pop. I didn’t have any idea what to eat, I wasn’t hungry as such but I knew I had to eat something. I munched a packet of the dairy-lea dunkers and then a pizza slice from Greggs. I think I expected to feel instantly better or hungry again but I didn’t. The most important thing is that I wasn’t sick again.

Later that night one of my oldest and best friends, Emily, spontaneously showed up at my parents (I’m back with my family), with a beautiful bunch of flowers. This really brightened me up and hearing of her successes didn’t make me feel sad, angry or bitter. I can honestly tell you that I felt happy.

I made a small salad; spinach, lettuce, rocket, chicken and a a bit of cheese for dinner. I still didn’t feel hungry but as long as I wasn’t sick I was happy to eat!


Challenge Three – Show myself some TLC

It’s such a simple thing to hop in the shower, have a scrub and wash your hair, so why is it that when you feel so low this becomes one of the biggest chores?

I’d be lying if I said my personal hygiene hadn’t suffered! (Yes, it’s okay to laugh!) I actually can’t recall changing my undies for the best part of the weekend. Yup, that’s gross, but true. Feel free to lie to us all and say you haven’t done the same, we won’t let on that we know your lying! (Giggle)


Anyway, I must have spent over an hour in the shower, scrubbing away at my skin like I could remove a layer and start fresh. I shaved my legs and put on a dress, hair washed and dried, makeup on and I started to feel like an actual person.


I spent the evening laughing and chatting with a very good friend. I nodded off on his sofa and didn’t make it home until around 3am. I threw on my PJ’s, cuddled up to my little sister and slept like a baby.




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