Living Alone – Week 1

As most of you know, Deakon is working away for a few weeks (BUT back for the weekend), so this is the first taste I have had of living on my own. 


Before he left I was super excited, freedom to do what I want when I want, only myself to clean up after and I got to pick what I watched on the TV before bed. Then on Sunday night around 7pm as he said bye and drove off I burst into tears. I jumped straight in the car and sought out comfort at my parents house. I honestly can’t remember the last time I bawled like a baby before then! I also discovered my sister is the perfect height for me to throw my arms round and snuggle up to her shoulder… STOP GROWING G! I would love to say that when I returned to the flat I felt better about being on my own and loved being able to starfish in my sleep… but that would be a huge lie. I cried some more and watched so much rubbish on Netflix, woke up nearly every hour on the hour and just felt grim.

Day One 

I got up and dossed around the house for a few hours, sighing at all the mess left from the weekend and feeling sorry for myself, I eventually got dressed, picked up Ki and went to buy a raincoat. Somehow this turned into us buying half a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, lots of pop, crisps and then I drove to Skegness.

Although it was a 3 hour drive it flew by! Frank Turner on full blast, satnav on, stuffing our faces! It was a great drive. There was a heavy downpour and I couldn’t see the car infront, that was a little scary but we made it through.


We ate fish and chips, had Ice-cream on the beach, I whopped Ki’s bum at crazy golf! (Claim to fame!). We spent a good while sat on the beach just listening to the waves and talking about our lives. It was amazingly peaceful due to the summer holidays ending.


I even drove home without using the satnav! We may have got lost 3 times but we were still home around 10pm.

It was a great first day and I slept like a baby (rather then cry) thanks to the sea air and the long(ish) drive!

Thanks Ki xxx


Day Two

Took things a little easier on Tuesday, another day off work so another lie in! Then Toria and I adventured to B&M and Matalan to have a browse. We ate subway and laughed at how many times we forgot where I’d parked the car. Toria was a star and helped me get the flat sorted so it’s nice and tidy, we rearranged my bedroom and she put the vac round for me! (Thanks T).


My brothers girlfriend, Fe, cooked us all a curry at my parents house so I ended the day with a full tum and a sparkling home!

Day Three

Back to work! It was great to have the company and I felt like I’d achieved more by the time I got home. Most importantly I got to meet the absolutely beautiful Nyla today! My work BFF is currently on maternity leave and it’s safe to say I was besotted with her little baba!


I cooked fajitas at mums house and then Kieran came over for a few drinks and helped me sort out the mess left over from the weekend which had taken over all of kitchen surfaces! I did have a little cry again but slept better.

Day Four

Work! Home! Girls Night!

I drank some wine, we ordered Pizza, watched silly YouTube videos and sat around chatting for hours. It was exactly what I needed after a stressful day in the office.


Dea is home for the weekend tomorrow!

Day Five 

I’m not really sure if today counts as Dea will be home this afternoon. After work I’m going to see my lovely friend and colleague Jill for a cup of tea and to tell her all about my week!

Dea will be off again on Sunday so my adventure is not over yet, it’s taken a brief pause! So far living alone has proved to be huge challenge. I’m not sure I like my own company very much and I’ve been stupidly restless! I am looking forward to next week though, I have a few days off work and a few tricks up my sleeve!

Have a lovely weekend all!


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