Painting Perfect @ Fargo Village

This Wednesday, 6th September 2017, Nancy and I joined a group of around 20 at Fargo Village Coventry to attend our first painting class with Jon, owner of Painting Perfect.


We first met Jon at the ‘Far-boot’ earlier this year. We were drawn to his colourful, creative and abstract paintings and were so excited when we found out he was hosting a class at ‘The Big Comfy Book Shop’. When Jon explained that we would leave the 2 hour session with a finished canvas we both looked at him with disbelief! We had never painted before! Jon was encouraging and inspiring so that night, Nancy and I signed ourselves up.

On the night…

We arrived at Fargo around 6.45pm, Jon greeted us with a smile, gave us a name badge and told us to grab an apron and a seat. Painting Perfect had provided everything for us; canvas, paints, brushes, and they were kind enough to provide us with a free drink upon arrival. – Not to self, ‘The Big Comfy Book Shop’ hot chocolate is perfect!


We grabbed a seat and waited anxiously to begin. Everyone we met and spoke with were lovely and most of them had never been before either. This made me feel a little more relaxed. I’m not great meeting new groups of people, it tends to set my anxiety off but I felt comfortable and settled within a few moments of being there.

Firstly Jon introduced himself but then jumped straight into how to create the background for our painting. We all looked at him as if he was little crazy when we he told us to grab out brush and just go with it! Surprisingly, this worked better than expected! Everyone slapped on the paint and got to work.


Looking at our canvases and at Jon’s final imagine I still had doubts at this point. I had no idea how we were going to create a meadow of flowers or any form of painting. I loved how easy the paint went on the canvas and how careless you could be, I just couldn’t visualise the end piece.


I won’t give away any of this tips and tricks – Sorry guys! But I did create my own technique for the flowers – blob a little bit of white and red paint side by side and press a medium sized paint brush into the paint. Do not blend or mix, juts simply press the paintbrush onto the canvas turning your brush each time. The end result is pretty cute, Jon himself even asked me if he could use the technique going forward! (See the yelloe and red flowers below)Β #floatmyboat


After we’d all finished and were happy with our final piece we took a look around the room and I was shocked to see how different all of our paintings were. We all had the same teacher, were taught the same techniques, had the same colours available and the same painting for inspiration and somehow they all differed!


In summary, it was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long while. It was different to anything I’d ever done before and totally relaxing! I’m hoping to attend the next session on October 12th. For more information check out Painting Perfect on facebook!




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