This is FIFTY ONE.

I did it.


This is blog post 51 which means I hit my target of 50 posts. I can’t believe that I’ve managed to reach 51 blog posts, it doesn’t seem as if I’ve stuck with it but I guess I have. Although I have not posted as often as I would like too I’m still here and plan on keeping it up.

I’ve been rather busy recently, Georgia just turned 13, It’s my dad’s birthday today, we beat the baddy in court yesterday, I’ve been to the Zoo and the Aquarium, spent too much money on takeaways, drank a few to many drinks, went to the Belgrade to watch a Michael Jackson tribute (which was brill!). It’s all happened so fast it’s a bit of a blur but I will be posting about all of these adventures over the next week or so.

I hope everyone has had a lovely few weeks, time to get settled back into routine now the summer holidays are over! For all those who went back to school today I hope it was better than you thought it would be.

Happy birthday to my Dadda!





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