Happiness in a mug!

I can’t wait for Autumn. I feel much happier in baggy jumpers and knee high boots. That’s when I feel my best, all snug and warm and able to hide away from the chill, no guilt over not being outside in the Sunshine. I do feel like this summer has drifted away from me with very little adventure which is disappointing but it’s not over yet!


I’m loving the fresh morning air, that slight chill as you step out in the morning, it makes me feel alive! I like the cooler evenings too, time to wrap up and enjoy a cinnamon hot chocolate 🙂

Deakon has mastered the art of frothy hot chocolate, it’s perfect in every way!


As the mug says – This is my happy place ❤

I must mention the below body lotion too! I know there has been a lot of talk about Lush’s body lotion sleepy, it’s supposed to be a miracle worker for insomniacs but if your like me and just enjoy feeling cosy and relaxed this is the best stuff I have found.


After having a long warm shower I cover myself head to toe. I don’t do this every night just when I need a little more TLC, it helps me nod off to the land of dreams.


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