Living for the weekend.

I’m struggling.

But, it’s okay.

It’s almost Friday.


I think its kinda sad that we all live for one weekend to the next. I often wonder what It’s like to have a job you love, (if there is such a thing), life is getting me down again lately but I’m doing my best and focusing on the good.

I’m excited for this weekend. It’s finally time for the rugby league draft 2017. I didn’t stick with it last year and I’m not making any promises for this year but draft night is going to be a pretty grand night. 10 amazing people, hench men in tight shorts, bottles of fizz and no doubt a cheeky takeaway, what’s not to like! Maybe I’ll even introduce you all to the new bucket…


I’ve got a few ideas for blog posts, I’m just struggling to string the sentences together. I’ll get back into it but for now, just remember, It’s almost the weekend.





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