Put that in your pipe and SMOK it! (V8)

Smoking is a horrible habit.
Smoking is a horrible habit.

Smoking is a horrible habit.

Smoking is a horrible habit.

Smoking is a horrible habit.

Smoking is a horrible habit.


Smoking is a horrible habit and I am trying to quit for the second time this year. Yup, the second time. 

The first attempt

Christmas 2016 I decided enough was enough, I needed the money I was burning, I wanted to be able to breathe walking upstairs to my flat and my hair, clothes, bedding everything smelt so bad. I went to the docs and joined the NHS quit smoking pledge. With the help of a wonderful lady named Liz and some little blue tablets called champix I was smoke free before NYE.  I wish that was the end of the story, but clearly its not. I realised a few months later that I could smoke on nights on when drunk and not pick one up the next day, no problem! Then the summer began, the sun called to me one beautiful sunny afternoon and whilst I lay bathing in the glorious warmth I came across a half empty packet of Sterling Dual. I smoked them.

Quit smoking

The second attempt

This is now. It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve already made the mistake of having more than a couple of cigarettes on a night out. The most important thing is that the next day I didn’t touch one, and haven’t since. I’m trying my best. The only way I am managing this time around is by using a vape. I’m not a genius when it comes to these things, I can’t say whether this is better for you but I believe it is. It doesn’t burn as big of a whole in my purse.


The vape shop is at Jubilee Crescent, (10 mins walk), the guys in there were super helpful and didn’t make me feel that I had to buy the most expensive for it to ‘work’. I spent £35 in total when I first brought the vape and 3 flavours. It’s not the same as having a cigarette but it really is helping me.


  • I haven’t broke the habit as I still go on breaks to puff on my vape, it’s still better for me and cheaper though! Plus I don’t miss out on the sunshine.
  • I really thought I would need a menthol flavour, turns out I LOVE the glazed donut and smores. I cannot stop with these!
  • It’s 3 for £10 on the flavours at my local shop, this is the cheapest I have found them yet.
  • It doesn’t leave me smelly, my clothes, hair and bed sheets are fresh!
  • My teeth are whiter.
  • It doesn’t turn my nails yellow.
  • It tastes yummy.
  • I can still ‘social smoke’ with the vape.


For me I need to avoid the ciggies on a night out, keep exercising to avoid gaining any more weight!! I gained over a stone last time and have not lost it since. The important thing is just to keep trying. Face any ‘misshaps’ with a positive attitude. Thanks to the vape I can be debt free in half the time I would have been. DEBT FREE = HOLIDAYSSS!



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