A few lovely ladies have been asking me where I get my nails done, or what nails do I wear! Have a read of my very first blog post, Pixie Lott X Kiss Cosmetics, and you’ll see I was lucky enough to be given a goody bag from Kiss Products.

Since attending the event I have changed my nails nearly every week! I am super impressed with the quality and how long they have lasted. I’m amazed at how many people have thought they were either real or acrylic nails. Now they are stick on nails, so unlike acrylic nails, they last about a week. Prep is essential too! My advice when it comes to using any stick on nails would be to invest in some prep and wipe. This is mostly used for shellac nails but can be purchased online. I got mine as part of a set as Shellac is my next venture. I’m currently using the Mylee Prep and wipe, this can be found on amazon for £7. I do have lint free cloths but a bit of cotton wool is fine as long as your nails are smooth! Kiss Impress nails can now be found at Superdrug!


In the coming weeks I am planning on testing other brands of stick on nails to see if any of them can exceed my expectations. The Impress nails cost £8 which although, yes, they have been worth it, is rather a lot to spend if you change them every week!

Have you tried and tested any brands, if so let me know!



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