Positive Pants.


After having a terrible week I have decided to try and stay positive. Focus on the good. I have read several books before about gratitude and how being grateful can attract positive energy thus bringing good times to your doorstep. This is called the law of attraction.

I have read ‘The Secret‘ and ‘The Power‘ byΒ Rhonda Byrne, both books encourage you to follow the law of attraction. However this is not what today’s post is about.

I’m taking baby steps, for now I am trying out different apps for monitoring my moods. I’ve been doing it for about a week now so I thought i’d share my results so far and introduce you to the three apps I chose. They are all completely different but aim to achieve the same goal.



  1. In Flow

    In flow is designed to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what can influence your mood. It’s simple and easy to use and you can check in as many times as you feel the need too. When you check in, not only do you rate your energy and emotions, you can add an image or write a few notes, you add your location, who you are with and what activity you are taking part in. All of the apps show you, in a graph form, the changes in your mood but In Flow also lists who you were with, where you were and what you were doing at your happiest to your lowest moods. Its super easy to use and whilst it is not the most professional looking it makes logging all this information super easy.



2. Moodpath

This has to be my favourite of the three. I love the look and feel of the app, it is the most professional out of the three and encourages you to learn about mental health in the knowledge section. It’s interactive too which helps keep me interested. Moodpath is the first product of Aurora Health, Β they are hoping to transform the way a mental illness is detected and treated.

Mood path asks you three different questions, three times a day, Morning, noon and night. It asks you to select a mood out of five options every time too. After the 14 days it is then supposed to generate an overview – I’ll let you know how I get on!



3) Personal Mood Journal

Now, unless I am missing something, this is the most simple of all three. It’s not at all off-putting though, if anything I find it attractive as you don’t always feel like writing loads or answering questions when you feel low. You can set a reminder, I’ve just logged a mood whenever I fancy or when prompted by the other apps. After selecting a mood it gives you plenty of space to write and prompts the use of hash-tags to keep track of activity and moods. I must admit I haven’t wrote anything or used this at all yet. I haven’t felt the need too. I found the graph for this the most appealing too and easy to see the pattern of lows and highs.



So far so good, my moods have improved drastically over the last few days. Having such a great weekend has helped so thank you to everyone who has kept me entertained! The three apps are available on the play store.

Lots of Love,

The Last Paige Sig


1 thought on “Positive Pants.

  1. Lorraine (mummy) July 25, 2017 — 6:52 pm

    Good stuff Pj, ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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