Bannatyne Health Club And Spa


My beautiful BFF Kay decided to treat us to a spa day for my birthday. 4 months later and we finally booked it! We wanted to stay close to home and after asking around had heard the Bannatyne Health Club And Spa was a sound choice.

When booking there was an error with the system and despite not receiving the promised call back, I decided to bring my positive vibes with me. When I called again to chase the booking they claimed to have no record of me, however the chap that I spoke to was as helpful as he could be and gave me all the information I needed.

Treatments booked, swim costume washed, legs shaved and ready to go!



We didn’t head out until early afternoon, (I’m not a morning person), whacked the post code in the SatNav and off we went. It was a short drive from my home, easy to find and had plenty of parking. Upon arrival we were asked to complete a few forms, this took maybe 15 minutes, then we were briefly shown around and left to it. We both rented a robe, towel and flip flops for £5, found a locker and headed to the gym.

The gym is not somewhere I am normally found.. ever, but we had to at least check it out. I am super nosey and I was open to the idea of jumping on the treadmill for half hour. That’s exactly what we did, I also tried those strange vibration plates, it was hilarious. Our treatments were booked for half 2 so after this we decided to go grab some lunch from the cafe and chill out for half an hour.


The staff were really helpful and the food was tasty. I felt right at home in my robe and flipflops, this surprised me as I thought I would feel a tad uncomfortable and self-conscious. We both returned to the cafe later on to try a smoothie, both were sooo yummy, I had Mango and passionfruit, but Kay’s choice was the better of the two, Strawberry and Banana!


I don’t have much to compare the treatment too as the only other massage I’ve had was on holiday in Tunisia a few years ago. What I can say is that once again I was made to feel at home and more comfortable than I could have imagined, the ladies were both very professional and looked the part. We didn’t get chance to check out the relaxation room as we were to eager to hit the pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub.


It’s safe to say we will be returning to Bannatyne’s Solihull at some point in the future. The pool was warm but not too warm, it was also split into lanes which I love as I hate having to swim around people. I could just about breathe in the steam room, that didn’t stop me from going in there more than once! The same for the sauna, a little easier to breathe but so hot! I loved it. The overall atmosphere was relaxed, as you would expect, the place was tidy and well kept and everyone was pleasant and polite. I would recommend to my family and friends.



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