My Netflix favs!


I am soooo happy this week is officially over. I am going to celebrate by binge watching my favourite shows on Netflix and perhaps have a glass or two of wine… (yes, I’ve already changed my mind about not having a drink this weekend!). Here are the shows I have or will be glued too this weekend.

  1. How i met your mother

I used to watch the odd episode when it came on the TV and I had nothing better to do. I had no idea that a few years later I would be racing home from work to watch one after another after another… I was a true addict. Dea and I watched every episode together. I fell in love with the group, unlike most TV shows there wasn’t one stand out character for me, they came as a package deal.


2) The Office US


Dea had to persuade me to give this a go. I kept shooting it down because truth be told I was not a huge fan of Steve Carell. I thought the 40 year old virgin was hilarious but something about him just annoyed me. Even throughout the office I felt the same, that was until he left the show!


3) New Girl & Brookly Nine Nine


I absolutely love Jess & Nick. They are adorable and geeky and just everything I love, they make you laugh, they make you angry, sometimes I wanted to bash their heads together. Then there is Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, much like Jess and Nick, they have there up’s and downs but are two loveable and hilarious characters. I must admit Rosa Diaz was my favourite character. She is badass! I was super thrilled about the crossover shows! I did have to wait until I was fully caught up on both before I could watch.

4) The Vampire Diaries and The Originals


Seriously, just look at how gorgeous the entire cast of both shows are. I honestly can’t decide who I fancy more! Stefan the heartthrob hero, Damien the bad boy hotty, Elijah the noble one or Klaus the evil one who secretly loves too much. I may even fancy Elena!

After reading The Vampire Diaries books I was super excited to hear it had been released as a TV show. It took me a while to appreciate this but now I can confess I may have watched every episode twice, maybe even 3 times! The same goes for The Originals. I fell hard for everyone on screen and knowing I had their beautiful faces to watch when I got home spurred me on!


5) Gossip Girl

This show took over my life. I watched it religiously and then read all the books. Of course I fell for the bad boy, Chuck Bass, and hated Serena for being so ‘effortlessly’ beautiful but I am a  true GG addict.


6) Sons of Anarchy


Another show which I turned my nose up at, why would I want to watch a show about a blood thirsty biker gang? The answer, Jax Teller. Okay, so the show wasn’t what I expected at all. Yes, there are drugs and violence but the story line and mystery is incredible. If I had to recommend one show, this would be the one.

7) Can’t pay, We’ll take it away.


Unlike all the other shows listed above this is not fiction. It’s not an easy watch either. It helped both Dea and I appreciate what we have and that we should always be careful with our finances. It has made me cry and feel terrible, but it also made me feel hopeful and grateful. Steve and Paul are my favorite duo and it’s great to see them bend the rules when they know they can help.

8) Pretty Little Liars


I’ve saved this till last because I have about 12 episodes left to watch before the grand finale. Most of my friends were disappointed with the ending but I have managed to avoid discovering who AD is! I attempted to watch PLL twice before now and it didn’t stick. Now I’m crazy about it!

So there you have 8 of my favourite shows to watch on repeat. There are sooo many more, for example; Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Fresh Prince, Jane the Virgin, BBQ Pitmasters, Blue Mountain State… I could go on!



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