Coventry Godiva Festival 2017

I won’t lie to you, Godiva is not something I particularly look forward too. When I was younger I had a terrible time at Godiva, my friends and I were chased out of the park after being threatened by a ‘gang’. It completely put me off and I didn’t return to Godiva festival until a few years later.

Last year we ventured up to the park on the Sunday to see Scouting for Girls, loved it. We did get the car stuck in the mud where we had parked but it was an adventure that’s for sure. So this year, I decided I wasn’t going to miss out on Kate Nash and the Darkness, (We did however park on a street and not a field!).



IMG_20170711_132241_091 (1)

Saturday night, we had a few drinks at home then headed into town for a ‘couple’ more. I only wanted to go to see Example so we were in no rush. We must have got to Godiva around 8pm and I was amazed at the amount of people there. I’d never seen it so busy. It was an extremely unpleasantcattle-fed-lot entrance into the actual ‘arena’. It reminded me of watching thousands of cattle being shoved into a tiny gated field. I did not like it one bit, especially with my anxiety, but the alcohol did take the edge off! I was pretty much thrown through security and moved away as quickly as I possibly could after getting into the park. It was a fantastic night though. Example was amazing. I’ve seen him live before so I knew to expect a good show. After a few drinks and a dance I was so in the mood to continue.

Toria and I ended up going out for a few more drinks and a boogie. I returned home at 3am, met a lovely (chatty) taxi driver but did miss out on kebab! #gutted.


Surprisingly, I woke up feeling pretty fresh and ready to head out to see Kate Nash. I dragged Dea out of bed, picked up Georgia and headed to the memorial park to meet our friends.


Kate Nash was great, she ran around in the crowd, jumped about whilst singing and put on a good show. Its been a while since I listened to her but everyone came to life when she sang foundations.


The Darkness were just incredible. I can safely say they were the best act of the weekend. Even if you didn’t know the music you couldn’t fault them. The crowd waited patiently for ‘I believe in a thing called love’ to be played. This was my favourite performance of the weekend, I even made Georgia jump around a little, (She was not quite as amused as I was).

In summary, the beer is pricey as well as being flat and warm, you couldn’t buy two bottles of pop at the bar because they took the lids! The queues for everything were insane and for me, without the added effect of alcohol, it was like hell on earth. BUTΒ the bands were great, the atmosphere was breathtaking and it gave us all something to do on a beautiful weekend. It’s safe to say I will never be a ‘festival goer’, as much as I love live music it’s too busy for me. I honestly dread to think what Glastonbury is like!

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I hope everyone that went had a great time and stayed safe! Lets see what next year brings.





2 thoughts on “Coventry Godiva Festival 2017

  1. Lorraine (mummy) July 12, 2017 — 1:05 pm

    Great Pj, love your honesty ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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