My Little Seashell Box – July 2017


I’ve had such a great weekend! Spent time with my friends, listened to the live music at Coventry’s Godiva Festival, drank a few too many vodka and cokes. BUT now it’s Monday. I’m sleepy and in need of a little pick me up to kick start my week, My little Seashell box is a great start!

This months box contains:





The travel pouch pillow really has sold this box for me. I love it! The box itself is as pretty as always, the post cards are super cute and the body scrub smells good enough to eat. It’s made up of Polynesian sand, sea salt crystals and Tiare flower and seaweed oils, ‘For skin as soft and gentle to the touch as a summer’s breeze.’

Although the candles are not scented they are super cute!  A tad nervous about the paper candle holders… I haven’t been able to get any pictures yet but as soon as I do i’ll update the post!


Have a happy Monday people!



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