I first asked myself this question in February 2014. I decided to revisit it as everything I know has now changed and we are all branching out on our own. Some friends last forever and others drift but one things is for sure, I’m grateful for every single friend I have ever had, bad or good.


Friends can teach you an awful lot. They help you become who you are, they help you discover the kind of person you want to be and what life you want to lead. Some you see everyday, others once in a blue moon but all that matters is that they are there for you and you for them. Another sucky part of growing up is growing ‘out’ of people, (much like your clothes) after school you have less in common with each other, less time to meet up and sometimes the friendship just isn’t a good fit anymore. It can be heartbreaking or enlightening, unfortunately its just part of life.



My answer in 2014.

“Yes! – I am grateful for the people I am surrounded by. I am grateful for the people who I was once surrounded by and the memories I have had chance to make. I am grateful to the people who have brought me life.

We all make mistakes. We all have bad days. But the people I have met along the way have all joined me in making those dreaded mistakes, crying ourselves dry and laughing until our insides hurt so much we think we are going to die.
The truth is, you never really appreciate these moments whilst your in them.

I’m an anxious person but my friends and family push me to face my fears. They make me a more confident, happy, lively person. They show me that although not everything in life is fun and exciting, that when you can, you should enjoy yourself and live a little!

There are many things in life which I am not sure of. My friends however are NOT one of those things, I have met some people I am glad to be rid of, but I have also lost some great people along the way. I am just thankful to have met and made memories that i will treasure forever.”


I have so many good memories, I also have new memories to make with new friends. People that accept me for who I am, they know I can be super moody, very blunt and sometimes just a bit of a bitch but they are there regardless!


I’m not sure the people I’m surrounded by bring me as much life as they did when I was younger. Not for any particular reason, just because you have to learn to do things on your own, bring joy to you own life. People, even your closest friends can’t always be there when you need them too and plans can get cancelled due to everyone living busy lives. My advice would be to make the most out of the time you have with your friends, support them and help pick them up when they are down. Nothing annoys me more than a friend who always puts a negative spin on things, that’s why I’m so grateful for the ones who encourage me to be my better self.


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