Date night ideas

How cheesey! But sometimes so needed. Deakon and I work together, live together and share the same friends however it’s not very often we actually spend quality time together. Dea is very active, loves his sports and is out several evenings at training or squash. Me on the other hand, I go to bingo and drink too much wine! So spending time together is difficult especially when we both love to spend our weekends with friends and family.

Below are a few date night ideas, not all tried and tested by myself (yet!) but they are worth listing!

  • Take out and a movie – Simple, easy and tasty! Snuggle up on the sofa, split a curry, ‘bobs your uncle‘ perfect evening. A few rules though, turn off your phones and share the washing up!
  • Write a bucket list of things to do together, keep it real and think short term. Things to do in the year ahead. For example, get a tattoo, go to a gig, visit the seaside!
  • Take a “how well do you know each other” trivia quiz, could be interesting!
  • Make the biggest, craziest most delicious ice cream sundae ever and eat it together!
  • Grab some beers, hot-dogs, chicken wings, chips and give the sports a go. Whether it be the rugby or football, you’ve gotta try it at least once.
  • Learn something new together. We sometimes watch fact videos or documentaries, it can be fun and you are bound to learn something new! It also gives you both something different to talk about.
  • Make a joint playlist, this could be for in the car, relaxing in the garden or whilst cooking the dinner.
  • Blind taste tester! Each person should bring some of their favourite treats, take it in turns, blindfolded, to taste each treat and guess what it is. You could mix this up a little and throw in something spicy!
  • Living room camp out, take the quilts and pillows to the living room, set up the airbed or snuggle up on the sofas and stay up late talking, watching your old favourite films, munching on crisps on chocolate. Depending on how into the idea you are, you could build a fort with sheets and cushions.
  • Go out! This is probably the most obvious but not always the easiest to do. Dress up and go for dinner, go to the cinema or even just to the pub. Don’t invite anyone else and just see where the night takes you!


I think it is super important to have time to yourself and time alone with your friends. Both people need to lead their own life and enjoy whatever it is they do, just don’t forget to make time for each other in between or when you can. If you don’t, don’t be surprised when your partner finds someone who does make time for them!

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