Astley Book farm

This Saturday gone Deakon and I visited Astley book farm. It’s safe to say this place is a dream for book worms! I was in literary heaven!

Ailse after ailse, shelf after shelf, book after book! It’s amazing! If you’re big on books it’s a must, my top tip for the trip would be to have a list of book titles or authors to search for. Going in ‘blind’ was a tad overwhelming as I just didn’t know where to start! I must have dragged Deakon back and forth in search of an easy and cheerful read.

I’m a fan of fiction but there is something for everyone from romance to horror, sports to photography, you name it they’ve got got! Some of the older books were so beautiful I wanted to take them all home.

Not only are there books but a unique and cheery cafe which serve the largest slices of cake I have ever seen. Dea and I split a cookie dough cheese cake, it was delicious!!

Overall a great afternoon followed up by a late lunch at pizza express (my favourite).

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