6 Facts about the last Paige #2

1) I killed a cactus.

I don’t even know how. It was just the one! I think it just decided it didn’t like living with me!

2) Talking on the phone makes me anxious.

I’m not a fan of talking on the phone but talking to a stranger or ringing to make a complaint or food order, this makes me feel super anxious. I hate it yet I’m always the one who ends up having to do it. I once had a strop because I didn’t want to call a taxi… I blame technology and the lack of having to communicate with actual people!

3) When i’m tired or grumpy I still suck my thumb, (Embarrassing!).

Yup, always have, always will. When I was younger it was once of the first things I told people, just to see how they’d react. I said bye to anyone judgey!

4) I’m super proud of my brother & sister.

I really am. Lucas is such a positive influence and I am so proud of him for finding what he loves and sticking with it! He’s a real role model for anyone who wants to achieve. He encourages me to find something I love. Not only that but he is so well mannered, we never fight and I know he is always there for me.
Georgia, she’s beautiful and smart and some of the things she says to me really make me think. She considers everyone, is constantly worrying about others and at times seems so much older and wiser than a 12 year old should be! I’m so proud of her for giving everything a go and standing by the people she cares about. Spending time with her makes me happy.

5) Food = Life.

Food, food, food! Deakon and I love food. Yes, I moan about my weight all the time and I know I need to be more careful but FOOD! Nachos, pizza, fajitas, steak, chocolate! We just love it all!

6) I love landscape photography.

It’s just beautiful. Every photo I see I either wish i had taken it or wish I was there. Its so simple yet so captivating.

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