If you knew you couldn’t fail

What would you pursue?

Is it strange that if i knew I couldn’t fail I know exactly what I would do yet it’s not something i ever plan on pursuing?

If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would set up a coffee shop somewhere quiet, (preferably by the sea). There would be two rooms, one would be ‘the dark room’, the walls would be head to toe covered in books. Books of all shapes and sizes, fiction, non-fiction, old and new. The counter would be a vintage oak bar, decorated with candles and flowers.

The second room would be the light room (super original), it would feature a beautiful large arched window which opened fully to let in plenty of fresh air and light. The tables would be simple and white decorated with polka-dot table cloths and mason jar candles! Flowers would cover the ceiling and climb gracefully along the walls and of course my cacti collection would be in there somewhere.

I would serve tea, coffee, fancy milkshakes and soft drinks during the day and once or twice a week would host an evening of live music or a reading with plenty to drink! (Oh, and snacks!) I would be one of those must see cutesy unique places everyone talks about after they’ve been too.  The place you take lots of photo’s to show your friends.

What would you do and are you willing to try even though there are risks?!


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