Nothing to BLOG about…

I really hoped something insightful would just come to me last night in a dream or drop on my desk at the office… but no. I’m full of cold and sound like a man (#manflu). So rather than share my germs or gloominess, here are some images from Google of animals with human teeth.

These images have to be one of my favorite things and they certainly help cheer me up!
animals-with-human-teeth-16animals-with-human-teeth-9animals-with-human-teeth-3funny photoshop grinning toad human teeth man animal hybridthere-we-go-frogs-with-human-teeth-there-s-nothing-wrong-with-thatuCK0G7rVBpei37grinning cow human man animal hybrid teeth funny photoshop

0cd81e1ab83fcd8a898cc1e2b9ff4c2ba51f2f891be972ee26757e48d369fa44animals with teetharticle-2311099-195CA98C000005DC-351_634x465humteeth_@jamesgilbsmaxresdefault (1)

I hope they at least made you show your grin! Chin up. 


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