Impress Nails

My experience with Impress Nails

Application: Super quick and Easy!

Days Lasted: 5

After only having acrylic nails off for a day, my nails were sore and battered. It’s not often I do have false nails and going forward I don’t think it will be very often. I was very cynicalΒ about the Impress nails. Even after going to the Kiss products event, I was not completely sold. The nail designs were beautiful, trendy and came in all different shapes and sizes, but stick on nails, C’mon… how good could they really be?

Day 1: My nails were in a terrible condition and I was desperate to look and feel glam again! I tore open the packet and sorted all the nails into pairs. (You probably would have laughed at my concentration face!) After studying the instructions for a whole two minutes I was confident I knew what I was doing. A quick wipe over (this part is important so don’t forget!), deciding which nails went best, peeled off the tab and WALLAH!Β 

They looked fab! Quick and easy to apply, sorting the nails didn’t take long either. I felt great and the design I chose was extremely different to the acrylics I had not long removed. All day people stopped to check out my funky nails and several commented about how real they looked. They were amazed when I said they were Impress, stick on, nails.

Of course I did face a few challenges, opening my eyeshadow palette, pulling my tights up and down. I was perhaps being too careful as I wanted them to last. Anyway, typing at work wasn’t an issue, neither was washing my hair!

Day 2: Nails look great, stayed on all night with no problems or worries! They even survived another hair was and have not budged! I have felt a little uneasy pulling up my tights and sorting out my skirt today. I’ve felt a few tugs and though they may lift but no! Still firmly on and causing nothing but compliments!


Day 3: Impressed! I genuinely can’t believe the nails have lasted no problem! They survived a soak in the bath and haven’t caused any issues when washing my hair or applying my makeup! The only real dilemma I have had is the eyeshadow palette.

Day 4: THEY ARE STILL ON! They have survived the office, the shower, the bath, I even scrubbed the toilet! They have certainly lasted the 4 days. I’ve noticed a little wear and tear on the nails but nothing I wouldn’t expect.

Day 5: One or two have moved slightly. Not that anyone else will notice. I’m positive I could keep them on for another few days but I’m too excited to try out another pattern! I can honestly say I have never been happy with stick on nails before now. I normally carry some glue around in my handbag and some spares just in case but that wasn’t necessary with the impress nails! I would have to rate them a 9/10 in comparison to the diy eBay nails I have tried in the past.

If you are after a quick mani for a special occasion I would highly recommend the impress nails!




4 thoughts on “Impress Nails

  1. Where did you get them form paige?


  2. From even 😝


    1. Hi Yvonne! I was given then at an event but they are available at Asda, Superdrug and Boots! 😊


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