When it rains

It’s a Thursday evening, I’m full of cold and feeling sorry for myself. I have just been to vote at my local polling station and am now curled up on the sofa trying to decide what to do. 

I have recently re-joined slimming world so eating is out of the question! When I rains I always fancy cake and custard, a massive cup of tea and snuggling up to a good film or whatever is trending on Netflix. Instead there is a salad waiting for me in the fridge… 

I could soak in a hot bath, maybe even pop to town to have a quick sunbed. I would really like to go to bed but that’s probably a bad idea! I’m still waiting for my new books to arrive… It’s such a hard choice. 

Here are a few ideas for what to do when it rains!

  • Read a good book
  • Have the perfect bath
  • Cook something tasty
  • Watch your favourite film
  • Check out what’s trending on Netflix
  • Start a blog 
  • Go to the cinema
  • Build an indoor tent
  • Go through old photographs 
  • Set yourself a challenge, for example; give away 3 items of clothing to charity, clear out that cupboard you’ve been avoiding or maybe exercise for 20minutes at home.
  • Search for your dream holiday and find out how much you need to save!
  • Plan out your next trip or adventure
  • Read my blog!

Let me know what you do on your dull days! Visit the contact page and send me an email. 

(Written on my Samsung S7).

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