The Perfect Bath

Bathtime - thelastpaigePrep Time: 20 – 30minutes

Serves: 1 (Or two if you have a large bath tub!)


One (preferably large) bath tub

50ml of your favourite bubble bath

One lush bath bomb (or try bomb cosmetics)

4/6 tealights

Two large scented candles

One Hot-chocolate face Masque

One LARGE glass of prosecco (Or perhaps a coffee to kick start your day!)

Bathtime with coffee - thelastpaige


Step One – Ensure your bath is squeaky clean, roll out the bath mat and hang up those crisp clean towels.

Step Two – Push in the plug and flick on the hot tap.

Step Three – When the bath is half full, add some cool water so you don’t cook!

Step Four – Add your favourite bubbles and stir! (Careful the waters not too hot)!

Afternoon Tea - thelastpaige
Bomb Cosmetics – Afternoon Tea box

Step Five – carefully place the tealights and all other candles around the bathroom. Watch out for fire hazards! 

Step Six – Snatch the prosecco from the fridge and poor a large glass.

Step Seven – Position glass in an easy to reach place, check water temperature and give the bath one last mix before adding your bath bomb!


Step Eight – STRIP, STRIP, STRIP! Slide on in, take a long sip of prosecco and enjoy! 


Prosecco Bath - thelastpaige

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