Ladies Night with EL MONÉT

“EL MONÉT is a British fashion label showcasing the freshest cutting-edge designs in women’s fashion. Proving that we’re not just a pretty name, our focus is to empower women from all walks of life to walk tall and look amazing while they’re doing so! With our customers at the heart of our unique business model all of our garments are designed, manufactured and priced with women in mind!”

On Tuesday 30th May, Nancy, (My sister from another mister)! joined me for a few cheeky ‘school’ night cocktails at Samoan Joe’s, Coventry. EL MONÉT, a Birmingham based fashion label were hosting a ladies night and we just could not resist the urge to check it out.


EL MONÉT were joined by the lovely Rebecca Suree, an international Makeup Association (IMA) trained makeup artist and Yasmin Mian, an Arbonne independent consultant who made both myself and Nancy feel especially welcome.

We were promised a night of 2-4-1 cocktails and great music and it’s safe to say they did not disappoint. Chanel Monet, the designer introduced herself and encouraged us to take a look around and explore the EL MONÉT end of season sale.

thelastpaige at Simoan Joes
Somoan Joe’s Coventry, Thanks to Nancy for taking this picture!

I’ll be honest, I’m not big on fashion, I prefer comfort over style but I was pleasantly surprised by the designs I saw. Not only did everything look super comfy but there was something for everyone. I fell in love with the Lace Shirt Dress immediately. (Why is payday so far away)! BUT the item which really caught our attention was the black Corduroy Bomber Jumpsuit. Nancy and I laughed when we first saw the jumpsuit, (I’m only 5ft 2, and a half, so I tend to avoid them), we had never seen an item like this before. Our jaws almost dropped to the floor when seeing the pictures of the model wearing the jumpsuit. It look AMAZING! It was clear the hanger did not do it any justice! The look was elegant and could be either casual or smart!


We decided to grab a couple more drinks and mingle. That’s when I spotted the Arbonne display. Yasmin was wonderful showing us lots of samples and explaining what Arbonne is an20170531_154204d what their aim is. (Check them out, click here)! We spoke about our skin types and what products would help us best, hopefully Yasmin will be in touch shortly with the verdict!

I then introduced myself to Rebecca Suree. I noticed Yasmin donned gorgeous lilac glitter lips and I had to try this for myself!

Rebecca was fantastic, very down to earth, I felt so comfortable chatting with her and even confessed how anxious I had felt before leaving the house that evening. At this point my worries melted away I was super excited to try out glittery red lips. Turns out, I lick and rub my lips together a lot more than I realised! (Cry/laugh)! The result was fab and I can safely say it lasted all night, no problem. I did however stick my lips together more than once.

Overall it was a fantastic evening and I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for the next EL MONÉT Ladies night event!


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