Wasps Vs Chiefs

Of course we started the day with a McDonald’s breakfast. Myself and my partner (Deakon) rarely see the mornings (over the weekend) unless food is involved!

Deakon and I met our friends, scoffed down some pancakes and headed off. We decided to drive down as the trains were pricey and we were in no rush.

Twickenham Tickets - Thelastpaige

We reserved a parking space on parkonmydrive.com, I must admit we were all a tad cynical as we had never used or heard of this before. To our surprise it worked out perfectly! We parked up, posted the cash and off we went.

Twickenham Stadium - Thelastpaige

Security was on high alert but this didn’t dampen anyone’s mood. The atmosphere was insane! I had never been to an arena of this capacity before and even though I thought I knew what to expect it still amazed me! I tried to take in every inch of my surroundings. The buzz, the beer, the banter and the boys certainly had me entertained!

There were nearly 80,000 of us in the arena. I couldn’t quite believe it when the arena fell completely still honouring a minutes silence for the Manchester attack. The only sound echoing was of a young child crying. It sent shivers down my spine.

The game ended up going to extra time as both teams were drawing 20 – 20.

Twickenham Stadium - Thelastpaige

Spoiler alert – The match ended 20 – 23 to the Exeter Chiefs. We were all there to support the Wasps but all agreed the Chiefs deserved the win. They played a great game and were hands down the stronger team. I am no expert in rugby so please don’t judge to harshly if you disagree!

Overall the day was fantastic, long, but worth it. Perhaps when Deakon starts training again next season i’ll pay more attention!




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