Speak up, speak out.

Looking at how far I have come.. Well I’m not sure I believe it. Am I going through a long manic period? Will I fall back down again? If I do will I fight to get back up? Am I truly okay? Why am I not worried? Why haven’t I cried in weeks? Is this […]

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To the guy I loved before.

Friday 1.03am (A little tipsy tale) I think you have broken me. You are not entirely to blame however I can’t help but wonder if the scars you’ve left in my mind will haunt me forever. I’m anxious to love again. Scared to let someone in, to let them get close enough that they could […]

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7 months on..

It’s been 7 months and I still can’t bring myself to read my old posts. I’ve tried a few times but a few sentences in and I feel sick. It’s funny how you can be so perfectly happy with where you are in life, who you are surrounded by and yet looking back feels like […]

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On the move πŸš˜

Routine is a major part of everyone’s lives. Most people have a set pattern throughout the week of what they’ll do and where they’ll be. For me though, your guess is as good as mine. Yes, I go to work Monday to Friday and I always know I’ll be in one of 5 places but […]

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Gee Whizzzzzzz 😴

Just a quick update! Okay, I knew going back to full time work would be a challenge after being signed off for 6 months but I had no idea what I was really in for! 3 weeks of working 9am till 5pm and I am completely drained. My eyes are heavy and my throat dry. […]

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