Dear Me,

It’s time to be kinder to yourself. Make the most of everyday, but don’t feel guilty about the days when the world seems a little too much to handle. All you can do is try. Enjoy the quiet days, use the dull days where nothing is going on to take a breath. Remember this is your […]

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Goodbyes aren’t forever.

Or at least that’s what I like to believe.  When you lose a loved one the only thing I find that keeps you going is the idea that you will see them again some day. You don’t know where, when or how but you just know there has to be something more after this life.  […]

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Home again.

I never imagined I’d be moving back home. It’s ironic because I was forever telling my brother and my friends not to leave home and to stay as long as they can. I wrote a blog post about it earlier this year! Don’t leave home  It’s funny how things work out because now all of the opportunities […]

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The Next Page

So for personal reasons I took a short break from my blog. It’s been strange because I’ve had so much to say but no energy to put it all into words!  I’ve kept up appearances on social media, kept posts positive and I’ve been keeping busy and trying to enjoy myself as best as I […]

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It’s time for an adventure. A positive creation, something to help not only myself but everyone! Every day is a battle for me and my biggest two fights are my anxiety and my body confidence. Social media is distorting the minds of all generations as to how our lives should be, how we should look, […]

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I think it’s normal for a person to feel a little unhinged at times. Expressing so much emotion all at once can be overwhelming to say the least. I’ve never been so hurt, upset, relieved, lost, confused, torn and loved all at the same time. Over the last few days I’ve cried, laughed, yelled, screamed, […]

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One day at a time

Wow, this blogging is making me sleepy! Not that it’s a bad thing! I just didn’t realise how tired I would feel all the time. Not that i’m letting being a little worn get the better of me! My good friend Katie, Fe (Lucas’ Gf) and I went for a Costa coffee and had a […]

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