On the move πŸš˜

Routine is a major part of everyone’s lives. Most people have a set pattern throughout the week of what they’ll do and where they’ll be. For me though, your guess is as good as mine. Yes, I go to work Monday to Friday and I always know I’ll be in one of 5 places but […]

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Gee Whizzzzzzz 😴

Just a quick update! Okay, I knew going back to full time work would be a challenge after being signed off for 6 months but I had no idea what I was really in for! 3 weeks of working 9am till 5pm and I am completely drained. My eyes are heavy and my throat dry. […]

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Crazy Cologne

If you don’t know by now, I am in love with Cologne. It’s easily my favourite place that I’ve been to so far. I visit as often as I can and thanks to my amazing family,Β  Ju & Liz, who let me stay with them or like this time let me stay whilst they’re away, […]

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2018 Bucket List!

So last year I created a sort of to do/Bucket list for the year, Bucket List 2017, looking back it was a great way of deciding what to do with my free time. Therefore, I decided to do another one for this year. I’m not tackling this list alone though, my best friend and soon […]

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Hello Sunshine

It’s amazing how a little bit of sun can make you feel so much brighter. It may still be cold outside but as soon as the sun is out so am I! I’m so excited for the year ahead. I have so many plans including Download Festival, Slam Dunk, Holidays, BBQs, New tattoos, nights out […]

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I’m not in any danger!

So recently my parents expressed concern over my posts. Not because they don’t want me to write or because they don’t support me but because they felt as if my need to write meant they were doing something wrong. I feel it is extremely important that you all know just how great my parents are! […]

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